About my site

Welcome to NKCAyouth.com. This is a website I originally created to help spread the joy of the National Knife Collectors Association annual knives sold to members only, and also to provide information and detailed photos of all the knives from my collection. Since the closing of the NKCA in October 2015, I have decided that the information kept in these pages is a valuable resource that future collectors may find interesting. I encourage everyone to view my photos, use them to learn and to promote the hobby of knife collecting.

My collection started with the 1995 NKCA youth knife, when I was 13 years old, and has grown over the years until I finally filled in all the missing pieces. I received my first knife and my first years membership from my grandfather, which started the hobby for me. I enjoy the NKCA Youth Knives in particular, because of the variation of manufacturers, knife patterns, handle materials, and blade etches. Every year was something new, unique, and specially chosen by the NKCA to represent themselves for that year.

Although my collection focuses on NKCA Youth knives only, I have also included images and descriptions of all the Club knives and Commemorative knives that have been offered throughout the years.

To learn about the different knives that have been made, and to view my photos, please visit the Knives section.

To learn more about the history of the National Knife Collectors Association, please visit the NKCA Info section.

Also, to view all the covers from the NKCA magazine published from 1977 - 1997, visit the NKCA Magazine section.