Welcome to NKCA Youth

The most detailed and descriptive information related to the National Knife Collectors Association knives and magazines, and the National Knife Museum commemorative knives.

I created this website to show my collection of the annual youth knives by the National Knife Collectors Association (NKCA), sold to members each year. All the youth knife photos shown on this site are of my actual knives, taken by myself. Feel free to use any images for any purposes you desire. Other knife images were provided by others, please reference their names where shown. Since the NKCA closed in October 2015, the purpose of this website has shifted slightly. My goal is now to showcase the wonderful knives produced by the NKCA each year, in hopes of educating current collectors, and sparking an interest with potential new collectors.

Every year the NKCA chose a Club Knife and a Youth Knife that was sold to members only (occasionally they selected 2 different Club knives in the same year). These knives were made in limited quantities, and became very collectible as the years passed. Also, special commemorative knives were occasionally offered during anniversaries, holidays, etc. These knives were usually made in even smaller quantities, and were extremely hard to acquire if you were not a member.

Please visit the Knives section to see high quality images of all the NKCA Club and Youth knives, along with the various commemorative knives that have been offered. My personal collection focuses on the Youth Knives only, and I tried to show all tang stamp marking front and back, any blade etches, any engravings, the handles front and back, and any other unique features. I also added an image and description of all the annual Club knives and Commemorative knives. I hope you enjoy the photos and information.

Also, I have added a new section showcasing the NKCA magazine that was produced from 1977 - 1997. These collectible magazines contained an incredible amount of knowledge and information for knife collectors. You can view the covers in the NKCA Magazine section.